Chenyu (she/her)

Co-President Battersea


Hi, I’m Chenyu from China! I am a recent graduate from the print course. I love cooking, reading comics and spending time with friends. I used to work in the Red Plate Society where I organized and executed various student activities and I realized that helping others and learning about the diverse culture enriched my life here in London. I hope to help you find more happiness in your experience here this year.


Marnie (she/her)

Co-President Battersea

Hi, I'm Marnie! I'm a Vis Comm graduate and when I was studying I got involved in the UCU Teacher Strikes and started a radio station broadcasting from the Picket Lines outside RCA called Strike Radio. I'm a DJ, designer and big music & dog lover. I dedicate my practice to fighting for safer spaces, voice and platform for people on the margins and I intend to continue that work at the SU. I love a chat and I'm excited to talk to you all, as well as pushing for what you want and need from the College. Speak soon <3