In keeping with our now annual tradition, between 5–8 December, the Students' Union welcomes you to the RCA Christmas Fête to experience festive creativity and craftsmanship.

With the unique designs and technical skill you’d expect from our students, the Christmas Fête offers a rare opportunity to purchase artfully created Christmas presents and to meet the independent artists and designers who made them. All profits go directly to the makers and support the next generation of RCA talent.

Expect to find the most gift-worthy homewares, cards, jewellery, ceramics, hand-blown glass, decorations, prints and artworks from an array of talented weavers, ceramicists, jewellers, print-makers, product-designers, painters and illustrators.

So come and join in the festivities and pick up your Christmas presents, stocking fillers and a hot mulled wine.

Preview: Thursday 5 December, 6–9pm
6 December 2019 | 12pm – 8pm
7 December 2019 to 8 December 2019 | 12pm – 6pm

Scroll down to see who's taking part... 



Bryony Applegate


EJA Ceramics


Joanne Bowles



Katalina Caliendo


Ro´isi´n O'Connor


Edgar Ward 


NIBU Letterpress


Pengpeng Chen


Caroline Reed


WaiYan Jewellery


Sara Chyan


Hannah Coulson


Jia Fang


Appli Foli


Emma Mounsey


Chenyue Yuan


Elena Banshart


Yifan Gao


Yunefi Ma


Jose Garcia Oliva


Ruiqi Wang


Yoojung kim

Marita Wongsupa Johansen


Liina Lember


Jiaxi Li


Eleanor Lines


Sarah Mercer


Karl-Peter Penke


Ronan Porter


Qiang Li


Yimin Qiao


Solomia Zoumaras




Huizi Qu


Clem Rousset


Tianyao Ju


Yau Chung Tong


Monica Tong


Yuxii Lin


Wai Yan 


Jina Kim & Hyejin Lee


Xinwen Zhang


Shivani Tyagi




Amalie Gabel


Ravista Mehra


Echo Binyao Liu


Junyi Yang


Ming Zhao


Yu Zhang


Hundred House Coffee


Leonie Lachlan