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Student Community and Liberation Fund FAQ 


What is the Student Community and Liberation Fund?

The student Community and Liberation fund is a funding process that allows registered societies and networks at RCA to access funds for events, projects, and campaigns aimed at uplifting our community and advancing Equality and Diversity within the college.

When are the funding rounds and key dates?

  • First round of funding applications opens on 18th October and closes on the 16th of November. Decisions will be made by a panel composed of a Student Union Sabbatical Officer, the SU community officer, an RCA EDI Officer and the Deputy Head of Student Experience on the week commencing the 27th of November and applicants will be informed of decisions on the 1st of December. There will be two funding awards available for Term 1.

  • Term two: Applications open on January 15th and close on February 2nd. Two funds available for Term 2 

  • Term 3: Application dates for the term three funding round are to be announced in term two. There will be two or more depending on how much budget remains. 

Who is eligible to apply for the Community and Liberation Fund? 

Groups that meet the following criteria can apply for up to £1,500:

  • Must be a registered society in the Student's Union.

  • Have a leadership team or coordinating group with a minimum of two or more members.

  • Have a clear connection to the following themes: 

  1. POC Voices

  2. Queer liberation 

  3. Mental Health & Wellbeing

  4. Access (related to disability/class)

  • Contribute to community growth and change.

  • Be led by people with lived experience of the issues being addressed.

  • Be open to working in coalition with multiple groups to deliver projects, even if projects are duplicated.

What expenses does the fund cover? 

The fund can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Workshops

  • Speaker fees

  • Equipment and materials

  • Production of materials and resources

What expenses does the fund not cover? 

The fund does not cover payments for student organisers (as this is voluntary) or funding for independent student shows/exhibitions as there is a separate non-academic show opportunity available to students via the Students’ union. Please see this page for further information about Non-academic shows.

How do I apply for funding? 

Groups have two options for making an application:

Option one (video or audio):

  • Fill out an online Google form with basic information.

  • Submit a link to a single video or audio recording, explaining your group, its work, and plans.

Please fill out this form to make a video or audio submission: 

Option two (Written proposal):

  • Fill out a google form, provided here, that covers  all necessary information, including:

    • Description of society's activities.

    • Explanation of how your initiative benefits specific communities or individuals within the RCA community.

    • Identification of the issues your work aims to address and their impact.

    • Description of your approach to addressing the issues and why it is needed.

    • Mention whether your work is led by individuals affected by the addressed issues.

    • Explanation of the relationships you have built or hope to build to support your work.

    • Specify how much funding you are applying for and provide a breakdown of your budget/spend.

Please fill out this form to make a written submission:

How are decisions made?

A panel made up of Student Union representatives, Student Support and from the RCA EDI team. They will convene each term after applications have been closed and recieved.

How will the Students’ Union support me in delivering my project if successful?

For successful applicants, the Student Union will support with the following: 

  • Support with budgeting 

  • Logistical support with booking spaces

  • Promotion of organised events and initiatives  


Is there a review and monitoring process? 

Yes, students will be required to fill out a form at the end of each term to provide feedback about the Community and Liberation Fund process. This feedback will allow for any necessary changes to be made in subsequent terms and for further analysis in case the project continues and expands.

We hope this FAQ provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the Community and Liberation Fund process. If you have any additional questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our Communities Officer, Halimo at