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Welcome to London

So you’ve just moved to London or, maybe you’ve lived here for a while before deciding to pursue an MA or PhD. Either way, we would like to welcome you to our tight-knit postgraduate school of artists and designers.

In this area

Be prepared for the best and most intense time of your life in one of the greatest cities in the world


Citymapper is a great app! It'll tell you how to get everywhere in the city by various modes of transport, how long it takes and how much it costs.

Always get a licenced taxi.

Cycling is awesome, make sure you’re safe, know the road rules and get your bike checked by a bike shop or you can find free Dr Bike surgeries around the city popping up here and there.

Railcards can save you money on trains.

Student Oyster saves you money on weekly/monthly tube and bus passes. Please contact for more details on Oyster card.


Our Noticeboard has some ads and below are some more links.

SpareRoom is a website that can help you find a home by providing a platform for searching and advertising rooms, flats, and houses for rent or share.

Facebook has an unofficial RCA group.


There are some amazing libraries in London and we recommend visiting them!

The British Library

Sconul membership gives you access to lots of libraries


RCASU has some sports societies ready for you to join!

There are over 3000 parks in London, this is where you’ll find people working out!

Gyms, pools and local leisure centres often have discounts for students. We (personally) recommend local council leisure centres.


Please put your mental and physical health above everything.

The NHS is a great service that we’re (as you probably know) very proud of... do use it!

111 - call this number if you have an urgent medical problem and you're not sure what to do. It's free to call.

999 - call this if there is an emergency, you will be put through to the police, fire department and/or ambulance service. It's free to call.

Doctors - register with a GP.

Walk-in clinics are also available for medical needs.

Register for a dentist.

Sexual Health London provides free and discreet home STI testing.