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Walkative Society emphases walking as a means of artistic discovery and a place for dialogue and exchange. Through student and guest-led walks, written and visual documentation, the society brings together a trans-disciplinary field of artists, writers, musicians, human geographers and philosophers to consider further how walking can inform and trigger new processes of making, thinking, researching and communicating. Through COVID-19 the Walkative Society has been conducting virtual walks through zoom webinars, that have travelled across the world from Cape Town to Hong Kong on topics ranging from political protest, gentrification to cultural confidence and post-colonialism.

This year we will continue to organise artist-led walks both physical and virtual which respond to textual, visual and verbal prompts. These will be led by a mixture of students and guests. Last year we were lucky to present walks by artists, architects, filmmakers, critical spatial theorists and writers.

OPEN CALL The Walkative Society is delighted to present a new exchange between the Royal College of Art and the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts.

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