Your Union

Your Union

Learn about the Students' Union, our history and how we enrich the life of our students.


Welcome to the Royal College of Art Students' Union (RCASU), where we are dedicated to enhancing your experience and fostering a vibrant community.

We organise events that offer an opportunity for you to get to know each other and to argue, agree, debate, dance, imagine and relax with those from different programmes.

We're devoted to the educational interests and welfare of you. That means we will:

  1. Promote the interests and welfare of you at the College during your course of study and represent, support and advise you
  2. Be the recognised representative channel between you and the College and any other external bodies
  3. And provide social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of you

We invite, encourage and expect contributions and ideas from you that foster a sense of belonging. By being welcoming, generous, innovative and free speaking, we ensure that the students get the best out of their time at the College.


The RCASU is not just an ordinary student organization; we are also a registered charity partially funded by the College itself. We operate under a clear framework outlined in our constitution and bye-laws. By adhering to these guidelines, we maintain transparency, accountability, and fairness in everything we do. Our registered charity status enables us to effectively represent your interests, advocate on your behalf, and make a positive impact on your student experience. The Board of Trustees ensures that the Students' Union operates in accordance with these governing documents and fulfills its obligations as a charitable organization. They provide guidance, oversight, and support to the RCASU, helping to shape its policies, initiatives, and long-term vision.


The RCASU team consists of two sabbatical officers (President and Vice President) elected from the student body, along with a group of seven permanent staff members. This collaborative team is committed to enhancing the student experience at the Royal College of Art. 

What is a Students' Union?

A Students' Union is an organization dedicated to representing and supporting the interests of students at their respective educational institutions. Students' Unions serve as a crucial link between students and the institution itself, acting as a recognized representative channel for communication and engagement. The primary purpose of a Students' Union is to enhance the overall student experience, ensuring that your educational, social, and personal development needs are met.