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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the most senior governing body of RCASU. It provides the strategic direction and vision of the organisation by ensuring that we are working towards our Strategy, and verifies that our staff and student leaders are conducting their activities safely and legally. 

The Board of Trustees meets six to eight times a year, and has two subcommittees: Finance & Risk and Remuneration & People.

Currently, the Board of Trustees consists of 8 members, 1 observer and a secretary. The membership of the board is currently divided between four external trustees, two sabbatical officer trustees and two student trustees.

Our trustees

External trustees

Jacqui Moore: Chair

Frank Brown

Ed Pearson

Gordon Mattocks

Sabbatical Officer trustees

Kimberley Burrows: President

Thomas Cury: Vice President

Student trustees

Roisin Sullivan

Myles Igwebuike



John Schless


Ryan Lea

Constitution and Byelaws