Creating and Navigating

Creating and Navigating

17:00 - 18:30


Join us for our concluding Black History Month event.

This online panel talk and discussion with RCA students, Joshua Woolford and Andrew Pierre Hart (Alumni) will explore and discuss the realities of what it means to be a black artist at RCA and the potential advantages and drawbacks of creating in and navigating such an institution. 

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My Practice is inter-disciplinary based in Painting, the main focus of my work is the symbiotic relationship between sound and painting, my practice is ongoing rhythmic research and play of improvised and spontaneous generative processes, through various mediums: Sound, Video, Performance, Found object and Image, Language, Photography and Installation



Joshua is a multidisciplinary creative working between communication (visual design, art direction, editorial), fashion and performance. Joshua is now in their second year at the RCA studying Contemporary Art Practice, before which they have produced and participated in creative projects both nationally and internationally.