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What constitutes a common?


17:00 - 19:00


Commons are everywhere. From planetary resources to informal networks of care, they are a form of wealth that is produced and governed collectively. At a moment when being together seems so distant, the workshop offers a space to reflect, recognise and imagine the commons in our day-to-day encounters. What are the commons according to your experience? Do you consider them a possible pathway to reconfigure our approaches to creative practice and research? How do we move from an extractive ways of thinking and making to others which protect and preserve life?

The 2 hour session (with breaks) will start with a collective reading and discussion of Silvia Federici's text "Feminism and the Politics of the Commons". Following on from this conversation, we will be working in groups to explore our understanding of the commons, their presence in our everyday lives, and how they inspire us to imagine new collective futures.

This will be an interactive and discursive workshop open to all RCA students. No prior knowledge is required and everyone interested are welcome to join. If participants are interested we can continue as a reading group too!

Bruna Montuori is an urban researcher and designer working between London and Rio de Janeiro. Her research investigates narratives and spatial justice through the work of Redes da Maré organisation in Maré, Rio de Janeiro.

Ioana Petkova is an architectural writer, researcher and practitioner. Her PhD thesis explores London's collective modes of housing production through the lens of the commons.