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Giving voice to synthetic sonics


17:00 - 19:00


We welcome students to a discussion and workshop exploring artificial intelligence when working with voice and sound in art practice.

PhD research students Amina Abbas-Nazari and Anja Borowicz Richardson will introduce you to a number of readily available tools for the creation of synthetic voices, while briefly sharing recent projects on Acoustic Ecology of an AI System and composing Synthetic Scores. 

As a group we will collectively create a synthetic poem with these tools and our own voices, around the sounds of protest, as understood in the widest sense.

This will lead us to think through ideas of plurality - of voices and that of perspectives. We will question collective ways of knowing (i.e. a chorus) versus hegemony that systems like Google Alexa provide. 

This workshop is open to all RCA students with little knowledge about sound and synthetic media.

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Amina Abbas-Nazari, is a PhD Researcher, School of Communication with a Techne NPIF funded PhD studentship in the subject areas of Artificial Intelligence and Voice, in partnership with IBM.  Amina's work intends to expand reality through designed interactions, speculative systems and sonic fictions

Anja Borowicz Richardson, is a PhD Researcher, School of Arts & Humanities. Their research covers multimodal exploration of working gestures, developing ideas around sonifying bodies, gestic sounds and synthetic voices through participatory projects GestureLabs