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The next meeting will be on 21st April at 4 pm. This will be to unpack the brief collaboratively. All students and staff welcome. Please be prepared to bring your understanding of the brief to the session and share your ideas for 2 - 3 minutes. All levels of understanding welcomed. More info coming soon.

In School of Arts and Humanities Lecture 'The Urgency of The Arts Assemblies: I Need To Talk To You Urgently',  Hito Steyerl gave a presentation and made a proposition to students...

Hito Steyerl owns the ETH for Royal College of Art and is willing to give this to elected RCA Student Representatives if students come up with a live-action role play that would simulate the transformation of the Royal College of Art into a workers and student-owned co-operative. 

On 30th March RCASU facilitated a meeting to discuss the proposal. Read the minutes to catch up.

There is a collaborative google folder in use and a discord channel.

Students and staff are welcome to be involved at any time.