17:00 - 19:00


How can we use design to become: Pro–Creators — using human-centred design to fuel our thinking and innovate change?

In this workshop, we aim to develop a panoramic view of 'pro creation' through open conversation, facilitation, and imagination.

We will place emphasis on the various perspectives of the human–creating experience, with a focus on the first 9mo. Using role-play, structured debate, and case study exercises, we hope to inspire participants to identify, consider, and analyse a diverse range of pregnancy experiences from both an individualistic and collective approach. 

In the workshop, there will be a series of exercises that encourage participants to work in teams to explore the positive and negative aspects of procreation, before brainstorming potential solutions to the identified challenges. 

We will consider what impacts decision-making and influences biases surrounding pregnancy and will be thinking about how we can work to minimise stigmatism through shared knowledge and experience.

This is an interactive and discursive workshop, open to all RCA students of all disciplines with some, or no, knowledge about procreation. If you’re interested in maternal healthcare, user-centred design, and community wellbeing, then this is the workshop for you!

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The workshop will be lead by Stiliyana Minkovska and Jazzy Olive as part of the PGR Worksop Series.

Stiliyana Minkovska (MRes Healthcare & Design)

Stiliyana is a qualified architect who has a strong passion for women-centric design and maternity healthcare environments.  She is currently doing her second masters with the RCA in  Healthcare & Design, where she looks to redesign the designscapes of childbirth in a wholesome ecosystem that caters for the needs of childbearing and birthing people. Her passion for the topics surrounding the reproductive system are inspired by her personal story of becoming a mother. 

@stiliyana / @ultima.thule.partum


Jazzy Olive (MRes Healthcare & Design)

Jazzy is a Graphic Designer, Researcher, Mentor, and Ethical  Design Lecturer with a passion for human-centred design. Jazzy makes up one half of the Ladies, Wine & Design initiative, and very much believes in #CollaborationOverCompetition. She aims to inspire and empower the next generation of creatives by providing free mentorship for local students and is collaborating with scientists and designers to develop Edna, a platform to support victims of domestic abuse.