That’s The Tea Workshop

That’s The Tea Workshop

17:00 - 19:00

Senior Common Room, Kensington

That’s The Tea Workshop series takes an intersectional approach to the misinformed representation of racial, gendered, and sexual minorities. We, the Tea Time Societea, invite you to not just attend but to participate in the workshops that will be held in the Senior Common Room at RCA Kensington. The first workshop, Demystifying Decolonization, is this coming Monday on 17th February, 5-7pm

Words form stories. Stories collect to shape history. Question one, and dismantle them all. To decolonize is to in essence unlearn and relearn. Words are one of the first things we are taught in our primary education. Therefore it is imperative that we start dismantling and rebuilding from there. Consider ‘definition’ to be a ‘suggested’ meaning of a word or phrase, instead of a fixed enforced identity. This workshop is an effort to unlearn what we know to be ‘fact’ or ‘truth’ by questioning well-known definitions of terms used in the context of discussing Decolonization, like ‘History’, ‘Colonizer’, ‘Equality’.  

See you there!