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Call for feedback from Jewish Students on RCA’s Anti-Semitism Definition

please read and get in touch

As part of RCA’s commitment to anti-racism, they are working on adopting anti-discrimination definitions, including an Anti-Semitism definition. On Wednesday 26 May, Senate was meant to vote to recommend these definitions up to Council. The SU blocked this vote. The SU currently opposes the definition as it stands, as RCA has not consulted with the Jewish Community at the RCA before adopting it. You can read a bit more about this in RCA UCU’s recent open letter, and sign if you would like to support it.

We are pleased that Heather Akif (RCA Executive Director, Operations) has committed to working with us and the trade unions to ensure that Jewish members of our staff and student community are consulted on the Anti-Semitism definition before it is adopted by RCA.

If you are a Jewish student and you would like to be part of this consultation and feed into the Anti-Semitism definition please email us asap