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Covid-19 Update from RCA

Welcome back and here's the latest news

Happy new year to all and we hope you had a nice break.

As you may have heard, the UK Government has instructed Universities to close down campuses due to the latest outbreak Covid-19. This means that all College buildings on all three RCA campuses will regrettably remain closed from 4 January to at least the 25th, when the Government is due to reassess these directives.

There will be a workspace made available in Kensington for vulnerable and students in great need. Please read the latest update in regard, with more details to be released on RCA’s Intranet tomorrow (5 Jan).

This is very unfortunate news and we know it will have an impact on your studies but equally, we understand the need to keep students and staff safe. Please read the RCA website for more information, and be sure to get in touch with Student Support should you need advice on mental health, wellbeing, finance, housing, visa issues etc. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at the Students Union with any issues, queries or support you need regarding student experience and we will do our best to help you and direct you to the right person.

Please do fill out the SU’s Student Survey as it will help us continue to shape our priorities for this term especially in regards to this news.  We endeavour to update you with any progress as it comes in the next few weeks.