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Lockdown in England

New rules for those in England...

England is going into Lockdown on Thursday, what does this mean for you?

The rules:

  • No mixing of households indoors or outdoors (except for childcare)
  • Pubs & restaurants will be closed (takeaway only)
  • All non-essential services will be closed
  • International travel out of UK banned
  • You can meet one person outdoors
  • You can exercise outdoors
  • Please check for further info
  • Wear a mask indoors + wash your hands regularly!

RCA teaching will continue as planned with no change. 

Universities are allowed to stay open therefore students can continue to come into campus on their allocated burst weeks.

All teaching and assessment is already confirmed as online. All credit-bearing teaching is also done online. 


The SU understands this can be an anxious time and would encourage you to reach out to us and Student Support if you feel like you might need some help.


Student Support hosts drop-in sessions, email them to sign up.  Student Support provides expert information, advice and guidance on practical matters such as housing, funding, visas, and disability support. They are also here to support your mental health and emotional wellbeing via a team of experienced practitioners.

Check RCA’s Intranet page for more detailed updates and Q&A’s on the Lockdown.

Email us if you need anything, we'll see you online in the meantime.


Take care,