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SU General Election

Wed 19 Feb 2020

UCU Strike update

Tue 18 Feb 2020

UCU Strikes!

Mon 10 Feb 2020

Pluralist update

The PluralistOpenings and Closings, the first issue of the 2019/20 academic year. As beginnings, or the illusion of beginnings, intersect with the calendar year drawing to a close, we wanted to pause think about the strange spaces of possibility which they open up. This issue hosts a range of writing and visual contributions from an essay on the bodily effects of learning a new language, to poetry about the hallucinatory sensations of dreaming doors, to collages about yearning for home – the contributions consider with the way we often render on our own narratives as a series of openings and closings. Please join us at the ICA for the launch, 7-8th Dec.

Also, they have a new call out:

In the next issue of The Pluralist we’ll be considering the interplay between Self/Other. This can be interpreted as a specific, or narrow and open-ended prompt. You may wish to consider:

Self-hood, self-obsession, self-care / The Other as in othering / Approaches to/obsessions with understanding ourselves / Representations of self/other in art / The Selfie / The ‘other’ in relationships - the ‘other woman’, the ‘other mother’ / etc. To submit work contact: and