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Catch up on the latest from Hito's proposal

In School of Arts and Humanities Lecture 'The Urgency of The Arts Assemblies: I Need To Talk To You Urgently',  Hito Steyerl gave a presentation and made a proposition to students...

Hito Steyerl owns the ETH for Royal College of Art and is willing to give this to elected RCA Student Representatives if students come up with a live-action role play that would simulate the transformation of the Royal College of Art into a workers and student-owned co-operative. 

On 30th March RCASU facilitated a meeting to discuss the proposal. Read the minutes to catch up.

There is a collaborative google folder in use, a discord channel and a WhatsApp group



29 April, 10 am - Decoding Blockchain with Dr Chao Liu, watch again

06 May, 3 pm - Decentralising Institutions with Ben Vickers download the slides (event not recorded)

10 May,  5 pm - Dean Kissick on NFT's watch again


Students and staff are welcome to be involved at any time.