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Become a Student Rep!

Each year, the SU elects Student Representatives. 

Student Reps provide an important link between the student voice, programme teams, technical staff, and all parts of the RCA.

Being a Student Rep enables you to make a positive contribution to the student experience and RCA's commitment to working in partnership. It’s also a great opportunity to learn how to negotiate, lobby, organise, and basically be an all-time legend and class hero. 


There are 2 Steps for becoming a Rep: 

1 Nomination - Deadline 19 Oct, 10 am

Nominate yourself for:  

Programme Rep

School Rep

Equality Diversity Inclusion (EDI) Rep


2 Election - Deadline 23 Oct


Things to Consider before nominating yourself 

Time, you’ll need to be able to commit to attending monthly and termly meetings. 

Communication, you’ll need to an ace communicator and feedback information from your class or school 

Representation, it’s in the title of the role, you’ll need to be good at advocating your peer’s opinions, even if they aren’t your own.


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