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Student email addresses

We're working on this...

We've had a number of emails in regards to the new email addresses, that use the student ID number rather than student names. We hear your frustration with this and have voiced your concerns to relevant staff members during meetings this week.

Unfortunately, IT has expressed that it will not be possible to change the email format this year. We have been told the reason the college did this was due to the growing number of students (and alumni), and instances of students having the same name as alumni and it causing major confusion. IT Services informed us that they worked to troubleshoot and devise different options for the email system over the summer, and decided that this one was their most logical option, as it was standard practise for University email addresses when this issue incurs. As there is a limit to the number of characters for an email address, it was decided that any other formats would not be viable. 
We have pushed these departments for more clarity on the reasoning for new emails, and they have released some Q&A's that we encourage you to have a read through. We will continue to consult with IT to raise with them your concerns as well as your suggestions as to better systems and will continue to update you if anything changes in regards to this.