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The Pluralist is hiring!

We're looking for a Content Editor and Design Editor, a paid role and all students can apply!

Content Editor and Design Editor wanted! Paid Job!
The Pluralist ( is hiring! We're looking for a Content Editor and Design Editor to take over the SU's newspaper. This is a paid position which the SU supports you in throughout the academic year, with great opportunities to create and curate content on the Pluralist's brand new online platform. Please send in your CV and cover letter to by the 15th of September. Both the Content Editor and Design Editor are salaried jobs (£1,500 per academic year, equating to £50/week term time).

Drawing on the understanding of a Pluralist as “an advocate of a system where different groups, principles and worldviews coexist”, The Pluralist is a student-run newspaper following in the vein of acts of self-publishing at the Royal College of Art. The Pluralist hopes to act as a platform for experimental practices and works in progress, offering a different context to make all students' voices heard across the college and beyond. The publication is the new iteration of the Royal College of Art’s Students’ Union-run 1970's and 80's Newsheet newsletter. Re-launched in 2017, The Pluralist began under the editorial lead of Rachel Yalisove, Anna Schlimm, and Niyoshi Shah. The newspaper was then continued by Aleks Stanek and designed by Eilis Searson, to be overtaken by Lucy Holt's and Harriet Welch's joint editorship, with contributors varying with each edition. In this current form, issues have addressed the dual thematics of ‘self & other’, ‘openings & closings’, and ‘real & fake’, exploring paired concepts which have some tension within them. We really look forward to receiving your applications and holding interviews later in September.