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UCU Call to action

RCA UCU is calling for action in support of African, Caribbean, Asian, Middle Eastern, First Nations and Indigenous heritage staff and students* They have outlined demands and a letter addressed to Royal College of Art Vice-Chancellor Paul Thompson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost: Professor Naren Barfield and Chief Operating Officer: John Worne in response to this message on the 15th June from the VC's office.

  1. You can read the letter here.

  2. Sign the letter here

  3. Submit anonymous testimony here if you feel able to do so

Share this open letter, the link is and you can download social media assets at – please tag @rcaucu on twitter and @rca_ucu on instagram

*[n.b. Problematic and reductive terminologies (BAME, BIPOC etc.) have deliberately not been used throughout UCU's letter. Instead, they have opted to use broad, heritage focused descriptions. This list is not exhaustive. If anyone feels something should be added, please let them know.