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Universities UK lobbying the Government for a Higher Education finance package

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We are pleased to announce positive movements in the higher education sector, with Universities UK joining organisations such as UCU and NUS in their call to the government to support universities with a financial package. UUK acknowledge the ‘significant risk that the higher education sector’s capacity and ability to deliver these benefits will be greatly reduced due to the financial impact of COVID-19’. The proposed measures in their letter to the government aim to protect universities and their students by mitigating Covid-19’s impact on university research, providing stability to students entering their courses in the next academic year, preserving student choice and introducing specific measures to help international students. We urge everyone to have a read and keep an eye out on UK politics in relation to universities and colleges in the coming weeks.


In the meantime, we continue working with NUS and feeding RCA’s student voices so that they can be reflected in their lobbying. We are here to answer questions and add your voice to the lobbying efforts - write to us at