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Update on Fee Campaigns and the Immagration Bill

Some important political issues to take note of...

National Campaigns for fee reimbursements


We met with the National Union of Students (NUS) again this week, who represented us (virtually) in Parliament on Monday 18th May presenting the need for a Student Safety Net to the Education Committee. You can watch the session here.

We have also been working with fantastic RCA students, and students and Student’s Unions from across the UK on a pause or pay campaign fighting for the particular needs of studio based learners, including national fee reimbursements, physical shows and visa extensions. NUS will present the campaign to Michelle Donelan the Universities Minister, and have a meeting with her on the 1st June.

Between now and then if you are interested and able to please share and get involved with the campaigns, and as always keep us updated with your opinions so we can make sure the RCA voice is present in nationwide action. 


Immagration Bill

On Monday 18th May the Immigration Bill received its second reading in parliament. The main proposal is to create a points-based immigration system. This will mean that anyone wishing to enter the UK (both EU and International)  to live, work or study will have to meet certain criteria from January 2021 inorder to obtain a visa. Applicants will have to achieve 70 points based on criteria including their salary, educational achievements and English language abilities. You can click here for further information.

We have concerns about the gender pay gap and women earning less when income tested, the need for more flexibility for English language testing, and how students can provide financial proof before arriving in the UK. We are working with NUS to make a collective movement to raise concerns, and will share more information in the coming weeks on this.

As always we would love to hear from you, with any thoughts/ concerns/ questions about this. Drop us an email at