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Farewell Memo

Final chance to submit to this year's Pluralist


 “Once I was master at recycling leftovers. Now I cultivate the art of simmering memories.”  Jean-Dominique Bauby

For this last issue of the year, we are looking at ‘leftovers’.

What’s left of your studies at the RCA? Going through the last turbulent years, we accumulated trials and tribulations in our practices. We invite you to submit traces of your experimentations, unfinished projects, mind maps, notebooks scans... Sparkles of projects that are currently dormant on your home-studio shelves or lost in unnamed folders of your hard drive. This issue is self-indulgent, a celebration of blooming and bursting creativity. Reckless, shameless, easy-going and fun! This issue will be a collection of bits and pieces of memories (good or bad, this is up to you!). 


Deadline: June 19th