College Complaints Guidelines

This guidance has been put together to help you understand the complaints procedure as well as the options and support available to you.

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What is the complaints procedure?

The complaint procedure is available to students that have raised issues or concerns informally, but feel they have not been provided a satisfactory solution.

The complaint procedure covers a range of academic and non-academic issues. The college has set out the following circumstances as examples of grounds for a complaint:

  • If we have not obligations outlined in your programme handbook or in policies that support the wider student experience.
  • If you have been given misleading or incorrect information in prospectuses or other published promotional information.
  • Concerns you have about the delivery if your programme, the supporting administration, facilities, resources or services.
  • Circumstances that have caused significant distruption to your studies.
  • The approach we take to student welfare, financial support or our implementation of the UK government's immigration policy
  • Complaints about the conduct of a member of staff.
  • Services delivered by organisations or individuals contracted by RCA that impact on you.

Please ensure you contact the SU Advice Officer before submitting a complaint, as we can advise on how your specific complaint fits into the above categories.

What are the stages to a complaint?
Stage 1 (local resolution):
  • A Stage 1 complaint is the first step in the complaints procedure and provides opportunity for your complaint to be resolved informally within the department/school.
  • These are usualyl submitted using the RCA Student Complaints Form, found within the complaints policy document. The SU Advice Officer can assist you with this.
Stage 2 (formal complaint):
  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your Stage 1 complaint, you can progress to a Stage 2 formal complaint.

  • Stage 2 complaints are submitted using the RCA Student Complaints form, and should be submitted within 21 working days of receiving the Stage 1 outcome.
  • If the complaint is taken up, the investigator will be from a different part of the College than where your complaint is about, and different to the staff involved in Stage 1.
Stage 3 (review):
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 2, you can put in a request for a review.

  • You should submit a Stage 3 Review Form normally within 14 working day from the outsome of Stage 2.

  • There are criteria that must be met in order to conduct a review.
  • If there are met and it is decided that the Stage 2 outsome should be reviewed, a revised outcome will be approved by the Chief Operating Officer.
When can I put in a complaint?

You should aim to submit the Stage 1 complaint within 20 working days after the incident/issue it relates to. The SU Advice Officer can assist you with working out your timeline if you are unsure.

When can I expect to hear back about my complaint?

There can be multiple steps within one stage of a complaint, and each step will have its own timeline. The SU can advise you on the appropriate timeline for each stage.

Stage 1: 

After submitting a Stage 1 complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement email normally within 3 working days. This email will either:

  • Set out how the matter you raised has been addressed.

  • State the actions that will be taken to address the matter, and by when.
  • Invite you to a meeting to discuss your complaint.
Stage 2: 

You should submit your Stage 2 complaint within 21 working days of receiving the Stage 1 outcome.

The Complaints Manager will aim to acknowledge your complaint by email within 3 working days.

You will normally receive a further email within 14 working days of submitting your complaint to state that the College will either:

  • Confirm that your complaint will be formally investigated.
  • Ask you for clarification about an aspect/s of your submission.
  • Reject your grounds for a complaint and provide the reason/s why.

Once you have provided more information, the Complaints Manager will confirm within 5 working days if the complaint will be investigated or rejected.

Stage 3: 

To begin a Stage 3 complaint, you should a Stage 3 Review Form within 14 working days of the Stage 2 outcome. 

The College Registrar will aim to provide email acknowledgement within 3 working days

You will normally receive an email to confirm the outcome of the review within 14 working days of submitting your complaint.