Cost of Living Fund

The Student Support Team have partnered with the RCA Students' Union to bring you the new Cost of Living Fund of 2023/24.

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The Student Support Team have partnered with the Students' Union to bring you the Cost of Living Fund. RCASU are aware of the upcoming Cost of Living Crisis and how it will affect our students. The College and the Students’ Union want to give as much support as possible to our members. The Cost of Living Fund aims to help alleviate some of this hardship, and we will provide students with other support where possible. 

What is the Cost of Living Crisis?

The Cost of Living Crisis [COL] occurs when the price of basic goods and services increases rapidly, such as water, electricity, rent and food. This can cause people to have difficulty paying these expenses, which makes them unable to afford other items they need in life.

And with the annual rate of inflation reaching 9.9% and domestic gas prices increasing by 96% due to cuts in Russian supply (along with electricity), students will face a hardship this winter. That's why we have decided to help those struggling with their finances and who need extra support.

What is the offer?

The RCASU has launched the Cost of Living fund. This is support in the form of a £50 food voucher for our members finding it a challenge to cover this essential living cost. 

If you're in need and don't have any other resources available, please apply for the Cost of Living Fund right away. There is no deadline, but we encourage you to apply as soon as possible as the funds are limited.

Please be aware that separately, the Student Support team offer Financial Assistance Funds that cover emergency hardship and contribution towards course materials costs if this is taking away from essential living costs.  All the information can be found here. The team also provide advice and practical support in areas such as housing, welfare and health concerns if you were to need this.