This month's programming is focused primarily on dialogue related to the black experience.


Black History Online presents ROXANNE SIMONE

Roxanne gives us a peek into her process, as well as some of the materiality that comes with her practice. 

Simone’s metalwork explores the dismantling of physical and metaphorical boundaries within contemporary craft, object making and representation. With a wealth of global cross-cultural collaborations, her practice investigates the diasporic narrative within craft, with the intent positively impacting the future of contemporary art

ref: Roxanne's website



Black History Online Presents DIVYA PATEL

This work examines the standards present in the beauty world, in no way meaning to reinforce them. Divya uses items and aesthetics present in online beauty communities to talk about our relationship to "dominant" cultures.

ref: Divya's other videos 


Black History Online Presents OLIVIA STERLING

I create scenes of hands gesturing amongst others, silently communicating, as well as playing with objects of cream, suspended in a web of letters denoting their skin colour. Often a white hand will be accompanied by ‘p’ for pink or peach interrupting the superiority that oozes from ‘white’, be reminding us of its true, sillier colour. My aim for the paintings are that they are a place where absurdity and normality collide.

ref: if you notice anything in the video you realize, visit the source



Black History Online presents ANDREW PIERRE HART

'My Practice is inter-disciplinary based in Painting, the main focus of my work is the symbiotic relationship between sound and painting, my practice an ongoing rhythmic research and play of improvised and spontaneous generative processes, through various mediums: Sound, Video, Performance, Found object and Image, Language, Photography and Installation.'

ref: other videos by APH



Black History Online presents JEROME.

a painter looking at blackness both in real life and on the canvas.

ref:  Me, Myself, and I 



A few notes on, culture, lifestyle and how designers/artists should relate their practices to both.

cc: Virgil Abloh x RCA 2020



An open, unedited conversation between prominent black thinkers of the era. While we may not agree with every statement or implication, it is important for us to acknowledge the pioneers that made our programming possible.