Aleks (she/her)

Co-President Kensington

*Zoom open office: Tuesdays 10 am -12 pm*

I’m a sculpture alumna fond of the outdoors, sci-fi, film, and debating myself in the shower (I usually win). Before coming to London, I lived in Poland, Ireland, and Croatia. As an artist and writer, my favorite part of working for the SU is facilitating talks, panels, and workshops. I’m also invested in improving the College’s accessibility. Fun fact about me: sometimes I take covert pictures of dogs I like on the street, but let’s keep that between you and me. 

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Chenyu (she/her)

Co-President Battersea

*Zoom open office: Wednesdays 10 am -12 pm*

Hi, I’m Chenyu from China! I am a recent graduate from the print course. I love cooking, reading comics and spending time with friends. I used to work in the Red Plate Society where I organized and executed various student activities and I realized that helping others and learning about the diverse culture enriched my life here in London. I hope to help you find more happiness in your experience here this year.



Marnie (she/her)

Co-President Battersea

*Zoom open office: Thursdays 10 am -12 pm*

Hi, I'm Marnie! I'm a Vis Comm graduate and when I was studying I got involved in the UCU Teacher Strikes and started a radio station broadcasting from the Picket Lines outside RCA called Strike Radio. I'm a DJ, designer and big music & dog lover. I dedicate my practice to fighting for safer spaces, voice and platform for people on the margins and I intend to continue that work at the SU. I love a chat and I'm excited to talk to you all, as well as pushing for what you want and need from the College. Speak soon <3