22/10/19: with Janette Parris, RESOLVE Collective, Ruka Johnson, chaired by Jerome.

As part of the Royal College of Arts’ Black History Month celebrations the SU hosted a screening and panel discussion in Battersea, an exhibition in White City and teamed up with the library to produce a display that rotates throughout the month, you can find our reading lists here, and watch lists here.

For 'Just Because We’re Magic Doesn’t Mean We’re Not Real' alumni Jerome. chaired a panel talk with Janette Parris, Ruka Johnson and Akil Scafe-Smith from RESOLVE. Each guest speaker presented their work discussed their aspirations, challenges they face in the industry, and shared what hopes they have for the future of themselves and other creatives like them. Before the talk began we also heard from teenagers who set up 'Essence By Faith'  - an all natural hair and beauty product which helps rejuvenate damaged hair and stimulates hair growth.

The title of the talk was taken from a speech by Jesse Williams at the 2016 BET Awards where he beautifully describes his experience of being an African American man, touching on elements of the struggle faced by black people globally.