The RCA Students’ Union have organised a series of events to explore socio-political ideas responding to issues that affect the institution. A diverse network of speakers have been invited to discuss their experiences, some from within the institution and others from beyond, in order to help us examine how we can improve the culture of the RCA. In this round table discussion we discussed issues facing those from working class backgrounds in UK institutions.

29/11/2018 With Ayo Akingbade, Professor Dave Beech, Jenna Young and chaired by Mel Jordan


Statistics show more working class students are attending university than before, but this group also has one of the highest dropout rates. How can we combat this? We will look at the culture of both the RCA and other institutions and how inclusive and supportive they are to students from lower income backgrounds.

To what extent does your family background impact on your education?

Is class assigned or self defined?

Does Art and Design use language to alienate rather than include?

Beyond the financial what challenges do Working Class university attendees face?

What can the RCA do to welcome and support those from lower income backgrounds?