RCASU has teamed up with Post Graduate Research students to lead a series of workshops - connecting current students across all disciplines and courses. 


#1 Organs of Thought: Diagrammatics and Visual Organization Out of Chaos

22/01/20 Ameera Kawash & Adrian Gouet

This workshop focussed on creating theoretical and practical links between visual practices, creative information design, and diagrammatics. This workshop will prompt participants to think of new and creative strategies for approaching vast amounts of data, chaotic archives, and information overload (or the agent-less post human) by developing diagrammatic concepts of aesthetic and affective abstraction.

Drawing from information design, contemporary art, medieval cosmogonies, and esoteric diagrams, this workshop will give participants both the theoretical framework and hands-on experience of working diagrammatically, pushing the image out of representational space into informational space. The diagrammatic will be approached as a dynamic, generative, linear or non-linear system of abstraction.


#2 Loops and Drones Listening Session

25/02/20 Frances Young & Col Self. Click here for tickets.

Young and Self work collaboratively with the artist collective Sp0re. Young’s work researches loops within the durational through particular recording technologies; Self’s work engages with ritual as a frequency-based form of resistance.

This workshop will be a chance to focus on sonic agency and embodiment through a journey into listening, reading, and thinking – engaging with hauntological frameworks, and a looping in time through sound.

We will be focusing on the loop and the drone in sound as a transformative resonance or frequency; as a recurrence through time; as a zone of collectivity; as a resistance; a document; and as an aural embodiment of social and temporal conditions.



#3 The Removal Generator: an approach to creative possibilities

24/03/20 Adrian Gouet & Joshua Leon

This workshop allows you to extract information to create your own personal generator:

Using a series of extraction and removal processes you will create your own three wheel assistant for your creative problems. In this workshop you will be provided with a book, from that book you will combine chance and your own creativity to pull information out in an idiosyncratic way. This information will serve to create your generator. Once created, we will use these generators to ask them problems you are encountering in your practice. Through moving the wheels you will be offered unique and new ways to solve these.

This is a workshop about the uses of removal and extraction as a means for uncovering different ways of approaching research and understanding creative problem


#4 TBA soon...