The following are the guidelines of behaviour we at the RCASU hold ourselves to. By adhering to these values, we work towards an equal experience for all students.

BE A GOOD COLLEGUE If you see something happening you do not agree with speak up. If you think one of your peers needs extra support, ask them about it. 

BE AWARE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S CULTURES. Do not make assumptions about your peers and be aware they may have different styles of learning, manners and social expectations. Make sure to include members of your community in group conversations and encourage equal voices in the room. If you see someone having problems engaging, check in with them or let the Student Union or Student Support know if you are concerned about them. Make sure you are not dominating interactions and that you are listening to others’ viewpoints.

CONSENT IS PARAMOUNT when it comes to interaction with members of the college community. If you are unsure as to whether your contact with staff or students is acceptable, ask first. If someone tells you they would not like to be touched you must respect this and not question it. If you see someone acting in an inappropriate, harassing or sexually violent manner report this to Student Support or the Student Union. If you feel comfortable doing so let this person know you do not think their actions are appropriate. If you do not feel comfortable with the way you are being interacted with let the other person know, or if you feel unsafe doing so, get in touch with Student Support or the Student Union.

DO NOT ASSUME SOMEONE’S GENDER. Either use neutral pronouns or ask someone which pronoun they use. If you see someone repeatedly misgender a member of your community and feel comfortable doing so, speak up for them. If you are being repeatedly misgendered get in contact with Student Support or the Student Union.

DO NOT JUDGE ANYONE based on age, ability, gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, belief, migration or socioeconomic status. The Royal College of Art is a safe space for people to be themselves. Be aware of your privileges. If you see someone acting in a way you deem to be prejudiced against members of the college community and feel comfortable to do so, let them know. Alternatively, please get in touch with either the Student Union or Student Support.