A soon to be familiar sight

Welcome to the RCA. We're looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you over the next year or three!

You can download the SU Student Handbook here! 

You will register for your course at the Kensington campus. On this day you will be able to pay your fees, collect your student card, library card, and meet us! Just queue alongside everyone else and fill out the necessary paperwork – stewards will be present to direct you to where you need to go next and to answer your questions.

We will hand out a map of the premises to help you explore the grounds, we are also leading campus tours in Battersea, Kensington and White City to show you around. Just come see us when you register and we will let you know when the next tour starts.

Remember first to read the RCA regulations to know the rules of what you can and cannot do on campus, as well as your student handbook, which we will hand out to you at registration.

Our official 'Welcome Week' is between 18 - 27 September. There will be a schedule of introductory talks from a wide range of people –  your programme staff, technical staff, library staff, the Rector, the Dean, and us. There will also be a host of events organised by the Student Union, clubs and societies. Keep an eye out on our website, social media and for the posters on site at registration to find out what's going on. If you have questions about anything along the way, don’t hesitate to ask.