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Student Led Staff Awards 2024

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The Student Led Staff Awards (SLSAs) are here! The Awards are a student led celebration of teaching excellence and academic quality at the Royal College of Art. They celebrate the best experiences you have at the College, whether that’s a great Personal Tutor, a wonderful experience of a support service, or a really engaged Programme Representative.

These awards acknowledge the excellent practice of lecturers and staff members within the College – those who demonstrate their commitment to delivering the best possible teaching and supervision to students, creating profound and positive educational experiences. They also champion students who volunteer their time to make sure that their peers have the best experience at the College. 

The Student Led Staff Awards are student-led to ensure authenticity for the recognition that staff members receive. This means that only students can nominate staff members/programme reps, students sit on the board that discuss the short-list staff awards, and only students can vote for the winners of the staff awards.

We welcome the support from the College, and look forward to working with staff across all levels and departments to champion the Student Led Staff Awards for years to come.