UFC* presents: MFA** punch lines

UFC* presents: MFA** punch lines

16:00 - 17:00


A line-up of fierce feminist fighters invites you to witness the fight of the century; grappling with institutional racism, slapping capitalist patriarchy hard across the face and giving blatant classism within arts education the treatment it deserves. They might even pull some illegal moves to combat toxic masculinity in the arts. 

Our guests – all equipped with a unique blend of feminism, dissent and arts under their belt – are invited to have a seat at our virtual table to introduce their personal and collective politics and practices through sharing a ‘punch line’ from a text that resonates with their vision of future feminisms.

Our contributors will be Gabriella Davies, Anne Duffau (A—-Z), Wingshan Smith (Tender Coven),
Alba Colomo & Lucy Lopez (La Sala) and 
Kaushikee Gupta.