Open call for 'The Pluralist' - Theme: Forecast for the Past

Open call for 'The Pluralist' - Theme: Forecast for the Past

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Forecast for the Past

How do we project the past? An old soviet joke says ‘The future is certain, it is the past which is unpredictable.’ A speculative past is a subconscious desire to have a better unfolding for what is to come. In the age of anticipation and prophecy, whether technological, scientific or spiritual, astrological (weather forecasts and horoscopes), the past has become the real playground for fiction and speculation. The articulation of what happened and what didn’t happen yet changes the sense of who we are and repurposes the tools through which we navigate the past. If the future is determined, let’s fantasise about the past and recenter the narrative around the unknown.

Could you make a wish, but in the past? ??

Keywords: fictional histories, past, forecast, speculation & predictions, new histories, nostalgia, time-travelling


Note: We accept any kind of printable media. (time-based media for digital publication only)


Deadline extension: 28th of November


Looking forward to reading your submissions!