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U.K. General Election 2019

Our thoughts on the matter...

Of course the big news is that the first DECEMBER ELECTION in over 95 years is coming up and RCASU wants you to VOTE!

History has shown that when students lead, real change happens. In the face of unprecedented events of Brexit negotiations, the climate crisis and the rise of right-wing populism all over the world, it is us who need to make our voices heard more than ever before. 

We support the NUS #whenstudentsvote campaign, which means we’ll be voting for parties that commit to:

  • An accessible, funded, inclusive and lifelong education system with restored maintenance grants across higher and further education

  • A People’s Vote on any Brexit Agreement negotiated by the Parliament

  • Protect and invest in the NHS 

  • Take urgent action on the climate crisis  


If you have the time to make a cup of tea, you have the time to register to vote. 

Read more about the NUS Got 5 campaign here and register here.