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Mental Health Week Resources

Here's some resources you may find useful...

Mental Health Week Resources 

Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place between the 18th - 24th May with the theme of Kindness. The week is an opportunity to celebrate the acts of kindness towards ourselves and others that are so important to our mental health. We have sought out and compiled some wellbeing advice with student support which we hope you’ll find useful. If you have any other resources you find useful please let us know and we will add them in!


Along with Student Support we've also put together a series of events... checkout the full timetable here.


Some practical resources: 

Student Minds are worth checking out for a variety of resources, including links to Anxiety UK, No Panic and OCD Action.

NHS Every Mind Matters: has some really simple useful tips and advice to support good mental health. 

Action for Happiness have put together COVID-19: How to respond constructively 

Mental Health First Aid England have information on Supporting your mental health while working from home (PDF) 

Sleep Foundation have Sleep guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Byrdie has an article about what self-care means to different women of colour.

University of Cumbria Mental Health and Wellbeing Team have a short breathing exercise 


Online courses to support wellbeing:


These online short courses are hosted on FutureLearn and are made by other universities & institution partners. These courses will help you stay well and healthy, both physically and mentally.

LinkedIn learning:

There are many courses to support wellbeing on LinkedIn learning. Some examples are:

Chair Work: Yoga Fitness and Stretching at Your Desk (33 mins)

De-stress: Meditation and Movement for Stress Management (36 mins)

How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed (43 mins)


Students and staff can access LinkedIn learning via this link


Other things to read/watch: 

Holistic well-being is so important, and sometimes we just need to switch off from work and do something different. The SU team has put together some suggestions of free things to watch, listen and read here.



Remember that your SU is just an email or a phone call away. You can get in touch with us about anything and everything, and if we can’t help you we’ll be able to link you up with the person who can. 

Sending you our warmest wishes and virtual hugs! Hope to see you at some of the events!