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PGR open call for workshop proposals

there's a fee available for research students...

RCASU is looking for PGR (Postgraduate Research) students from each school to host a 1.5 - 2hour workshop/seminar/reading group which all PGR and MA students can attend.

There will be 4 sessions, between Feb to May 2021. Each session will be led by different PGR students across the 4 schools.

This will be a great opportunity to share your research interests and open up a conversation with the wider RCA community. The workshops can be on any topic.

We encourage you to take a collaborative approach to this and lead the session with at least one other student. We have a £200 budget for each session to be split between the workshop leaders. We hope the sessions will be interactive and participatory, so please plan to include discussions and activities, instead of using a lecture format. To make the sessions accessible, we ask that any reading or exercises take place during the workshop, so please don't plan to set any pre-reading or preparatory work. A follow-up resource list is welcomed. 


To apply please send an email to cc by Feb 1st 4 pm

Email Subject: RCASU workshop series application

Please include...

  • Your names
  • Your school 

  • Title of the workshop 

  • Your themes/ research area 

  • The format and 1.5 - 2 hour outline of the workshop - please include a 10 min break and some leeway. 

  • Any materials/ software you/participants will need 


Provisional dates: 

Workshop 1 to be held the week of 22 Feb or 1 Mar

Workshop 2 to be held the week of 15 March

Workshop 3 to be held the week of 19 April or 26 April

Workshop 4 to be held the week of 10 May