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Pluralist is out now!

Two new digital issues for you to read at your leisure...

The Pluralist is the RCA’s newspaper featuring articles, reviews, poetry and short stories, as well as visual and experimental content, submitted by RCA students and alumni. Established in 2017 by CAP Aluma Rachel Yalisove, the format of The Pluralist changes every year, with new editors putting their own spin on the publication. 

You can read the all the issues of the pluralist here!


When creating this dual issue we were drawn to the themes of self and other; how they converge and diverge, how we relate to self and other in shifting times, and where there is slippage between the two. Since we explored these ideas and put the issue together, the world has changed massively. Care for others, care for the self, as well as how we relate to these ‘binaries’ of self and other have taken on a whole new poignancy.
In these current circumstances of digitally-oriented interactions, these issues are also digital-only. You can access 'self' and 'other' along with all The Pluralist back issues via the links above. We hope that this means they will reach the whole Royal College of Art community — which is so important at this time of enforced physical distance. So whether you’re working with others out on the frontline, or in self-isolation, we hope there’ll be something for you to read and enjoy. If you’d like to keep updated with new Pluralist issues or call outs, drop us an email to and we will add you to our mailing list.




The Pluralist call out: Fake / Real issue


The words ‘fake’ and ‘real’ carry so much weight, but what do we actually mean by them? We’re more obsessed with ‘authenticity’ than ever before, whilst we’re tasked with trying to make sense of a news landscape often described as ‘fake’. What makes a ‘fake’, and does the ‘real’ even hold gravitas in a world in which legitimacy is more elusive than ever before?


We have been thinking about….

  • Hyperreality 

  • Reality TV

  • Hoaxes

  • Cloning and 3D printing 

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Replication

  • True crime

  • Artistic ‘Fakes’

  • Deep fakes

  • Fake tan and fake handbags...


The Pluralist asks for your submissions on the themes of ‘real’ and ‘fake’ — we are looking for your poems, essays, stories, letters, digital art, illustrations, photography, and more...

Or if you’d like to pitch to us with an idea for a column or a piece of work email us at

The deadline is Monday 18th May