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Polling Day!

Plan your day and vote!

The General Election is on Thursday!

We encourage you all to vote and, ask your friends and family to vote too. 

Make sure you plan your day. Leave enough time to get to your polling station; they can be busy before 9am and after 4pm.

You can find your polling station via the card you were sent in the post or, this website.

You can only vote at the polling station location on your card.

Polling stations will open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday. 

To find out more about how to vote click here


Our thoughts on the matter: 

We support the NUS #whenstudentsvote campaign, which means we’ll be voting for parties that commit to:

  • An accessible, funded, inclusive and lifelong education system with restored maintenance grants across higher and further education

  • A People’s Vote on any Brexit Agreement negotiated by the Parliament

  • Protect and invest in the NHS 

  • Take urgent action on the climate crisis  


Read more about the NUS Got 5 campaign here and register here.