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New Pluralist issue + open call

If wishes were horses // Longer Than the Winter's Night

The new issue of The Pluralist is out!

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This issue reflects on wishful thinking and new possibilities that emerge in times of crisis, departing from the old Scottish proverb 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride'.

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Longer Than the Winter's Night

An issue just about night. From the beginning of the pandemics, our overall schedules, and therefore sleeping patterns, have been distorted and challenged. Some of us might have revealed themselves as nocturnal creatures, feeling awake as soon as the sun sank into darkness. Being in lockdown has made our work/rest barrier blurry, or almost nonexistent. How is sleeping and working in the same space like? Do we dream differently when we travel less?

When we turn off our screens and the moon becomes the main spotlight, do we become more productive? What if sleep is where we actually express ourselves to the fullest?

We invite you all to brush a collective portrait of the hours after midnight, when idleness and activity merge. We welcome past-bedtime meditations, memories of distant places, dream journals, pictonarratives, anthologies of elusive ideas, thoughts you have with your eyes closed, and many more.

Pitch in with an entry via email at, by Friday, 12 March.

Also, do not hesitate to get in contact with us should you have any questions about this issue.

Looking forward to reading you!


The Pluralist Team


The Pluralist is looking for 6 illustrators to contribute to the visual identity of the next issue, 'Longer Than the Winter's Night'!
Each featured artist will be rewarded a small fee for their work.
Requirement - artworks should be in black & white!
We’re looking for interpretations of 19th century gothic imagery, folk symbols, ephemeral drawings, visualizations of light and darkness, constellations and beyond.
Submit your artworks by the 19th of March to
And don't forget, It’s all about the nighttime…