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The Pluralist open call

submit your work to the RCA's newspaper!

The Pluralist is looking for submissions!
From confessions, critical essays, poems and/or stories, letters, visuals and sounds, to anything else that fits into the new digital version of the newspaper!
Theme / Keywords: Proximity - Nearness - Distance - Corporeality - Tactility
Catchphrase: so near and yet so far
On the backdrop of social distancing, self-isolation and with a new lockdown in perspective, we invite you all to contemplate on how these uncertain times have shaped our interactions. This year has challenged the notions of proximity, nearness and intimacy, creating a whole new paradigm for experiencing physicality. Do we still relate to physical space or to corporeality? Is physical presence still a prerequisite for interaction? How is creative practice adapting to a non-tactile world?
If you’d like to get in touch or have any suggestions for us, do not hesitate to email us at
Deadline: Friday 27th November
Looking forward to reading your proposals!