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The Workshop Series...

The first of four workshops lead by PGR students is taking place next week!

We're delighted to announce that we've teamed up with with Ameera Kawash & Adrian Gouet, post graduate research students to lead the first workshop in our series. All students are welcome! There are 20 places avaialble so sign up for free here!

This workshop will focus on creating theoretical and practical links between visual practices, creative information design, and diagrammatics. This workshop will prompt participants to think of new and creative strategies for approaching vast amounts of data, chaotic archives, and information overload (or the agent-less post human) by developing diagrammatic concepts of aesthetic and affective abstraction.

Drawing from information design, contemporary art, medieval cosmogonies, and esoteric diagrams, this workshop will give participants both the theoretical framework and hands-on experience of working diagrammatically, pushing the image out of representational space into informational space. The diagrammatic will be approached as a dynamic, generative, linear or non-linear system of abstraction.


Adrian Gouet (Santiago, 1982) is an artist whose practice is focused on painting and its relation to mass media imagery. He is currently a first year PhD student at the Royal College of Art and his research aims to deal with concepts of image, time and memory through different processes of translations and displacements between painting and a series of archival practices.

Ameera Kawash is a multimedia artist and second-year PhD student at the Royal College of Art. Her practice and research focuses on diagrammatic thought and painting. She lives and works in London having relocated from Beirut, Lebanon. She has a strong interest in the complexity of border zones and transnational experiences.

We'll be announcing the next in the series very soon...