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ArtBar Exhibition Open Call 2023

The ArtBar Open Call is now open for submissions! Show off your talent and creativity by submitting your application via the provided form.

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art bar sign with scrolling text saying Coming soon Art bar Exhibition Open Call 2023
Hi Everyone 

We're thrilled to announce that the ArtBar Open Call is now live!

Please submit your applications via this form.

For more detailed guidance and to answer some initial questions you may have, please take a look at the application pack here.

We're accepting applications on a rolling basis.

ArtBar Shows Q&A

Q: When are applications open?
A: Applications are open now until March 1st, 11:59pm (end of day). 
Q: Are there guidelines or a brief for the kind of work?
A: You can submit any type of work (so long as it does not violate the colleges’ Policy on Public Exhibition of Work, Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech or Terms & Conditions for Students. We have included information on the criteria by which we will select shows in the application guide, which can be found here.
Q: How many applicants will be chosen?
A: Hmm. We’re not sure yet ourselves. It will depend on the applications we receive. We intend to fit as many shows as we can into the rest of the year, bearing in mind that the ArtBar will have other events on, etc. This applications we receive in this round might last us until the summer, or we may reopen applications at the start of next term. Each show will be on for approximately 1 week.