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Final Day Onsite for MA2 Students and Requesting Technical Services Help

Clear your studios before 23/06 and prepare your work for the final show at Truman Brewery. If the work you have made for the show breaks between end of term and install, you can request limited special access to TS to repair it via the form below.

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The final day onsite at the Royal College of Art for MA2 students is 23rd June 2023. By this date, students are expected to clear their studios and to have their work ready for their final show at the Truman Brewery. Works not being stored on site will need to be taken care of  and transported by students.


In the event that there is a breakage - where work for the exhibition is damaged after the end of term and before the install - we have a process to request technical help. Capacity will be limited as term is continuing for MA1 so support will be assigned on a first come first served basis, subject to availability.


The Academic Show Lead for the programme affected will need to fill in a form that will first need approval from the School Dean and then approval from the Head of Technical Services. Once this approval has been given, a relevant technical staff member will respond to the Show Academic Lead involved to arrange remedy.


If approval has not been given, the Academic Show Lead will be notified in writing.


Form for Emergency TS help