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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear all Students! The RCA Students’ Union Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming this May (17th) - 5pm - 6pm.

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The AGM is our annual meeting and gives you an opportunity to ask trustees about how the SU is run, and our plans for the future and for you to share your thoughts on the SU with us. Open questions to the trustees are a once a year chance for you to do this during your time at the RCA.

This meeting is compulsory for all Student Reps and EDI reps, and open to all other students. You will be given the opportunity to vote on our accounts, the appointment of trustees and any motions brought forward. Come and learn about the Union's progress over the past year and plans for the year ahead. The more who attend the AGM, the more weight we have with the College in getting things done. It is vital that you attend, if we do not hit the quorum then the meeting cannot go ahead.


- Ratification of minutes of previous AGM

- Receiving the Trustees’ Report

- Receiving the Accounts

- Appointment of new trustees

- Open questions to the Trustees by the Members (you!)