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The new issue of The Pluralist is out!

read it here!

The new issue of The Pluralist is out!


Dear Readers,

This issue celebrates sound in various forms. Amongst other things, the pandemics has reshaped soundscapes, changing the way we listen and create sounds altogether. The sudden decrease in human intervention in public spaces revealed a palette of sonic material that was previously hidden and passed unnoticed. The new modes of listening focus on frequencies, tonalities and textures that had to emerge from silence, rather than movement. Sound has become a tool for reflecting on cultural and socio-political shifts. As a timed-based media, sound captures motion - slow / fast - reflecting fluctuations - instability / continuity / interruption. It is only natural then that, as creative practitioners, we turned our attention towards those elements of the environment that are more lively, more emotional and unsettled at the same time, as we try to communicate ideas about situations of crisis.

This issue presents a series of approaches to sound. Whether in the form of poems, as conceptual tools, instructions or actual sonic experiments, this collection of works reflects how sound is perceived and reinterpreted repeatedly in the on-going necessity to get closer to each other and to our surroundings. The possible frames that sonic content creates open up discussions that transcend the medium. Bringing together the works of students from Sound Design pathway and not only, this issue becomes a compendium of sonic interactions which take shape around a close observation of sound as an increasingly prevalent material.


Lera Kelemen, Content Editor


Dear Readers,

This issue has been an interesting take on talking, writing, analysing and interpreting sound, yet, without sound itself. With a plethora of varied creative takes on this line of enquiries, contributors came up with innovative and surprising ways of presenting sound and their relation to it. Would it be as artists, or as ‘lambda’ people.

Designing this publication was all about acknowledging the structures of each submissions, highlighting the clear and sharp submitted ‘scores’. Layouts become ‘visual scores’, partitions of the pages’ surface.

A small reading suggestion; do focus on finding an enjoyable sonic environment to read this issue. Maybe your family’s house backyard, filled with crickets and gorgeous sun. Maybe the silent street of a capital city in mid-August. An empty balcony at nighttime maybe?


Louise Gholam, Design Editor