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Freewheelers: RCA Cycling Club

We go on weekly rides throughout the greater London area!

Riders of all skill levels are welcome to join. Our goal is to promote a love of cycling and build community within the broader RCA school system. During group rides, we take in the sites, work out our bodies, share stuff we’re working on, and hopefully, all have a great time. Bike routes vary each week in location, duration, intensity, and skill level. Information on each week’s ride will be sent out in advance to all members. You are welcome to show up to any ride your want. Sometimes we hang out after rides and grab a coffee/drink/snack, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you on this road this year!


Ride Format:

* Group rides take place weekly at a pre-determined place and time. Most rides take place on weekends.
* Before each ride, a description will be sent to all members with information such as our meeting point, route, length of time, and difficulty rating.
* We’ll wait 10/15min for any latecomers before starting. If you’ve missed us at the meeting point you’ll know our route and can catch up.
* Every ride will have a ride leader who will set the pace and direction of the ride. Health & Safety
* All riders must wear a helmet. We will not provide one for you.
* All riders and their bikes must be road ready before joining a group ride. If you are unsure, many local bike shops will offer a bike-check.
* Rides may be cancelled on occasion depending on the weather.
* Some rides may be capped at a max capacity to ensure rider safety and fun. We’ll let you know in advance if that’s the case.
* We recommend bringing a simple patch kit on all rides in case you get a flat, need to make a minor adjustment, etc.
* All riders join at their own risk. We’ll have a simple first aid kit on hand and if you get hurt we’ll do our best to help you. We are not medical experts and not capable nor responsible for treating serious injuries that may occur. Please be honest about your skill level and biking confidence as this will help ensure ride safety.
* We do not offer/sell bikes or bike parts. You are responsible for all your own gear. We are happy to answer questions about bikes and bike maintenance. We are not bike experts and are not liable for you or your bike.
* Hand signals will be used on all rides. Signalling helps us ride at a steady pace without constant or sudden breaks. If you are a beginner or unsteady it is far safer to keep both hands on the handle-bars than try to attempt a signal.

*If you are bringing an e-bike please make sure it is fully charged before riding out!